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Wednesday, August 19

Zoya Twitter promo

Zoya colors: Midori, Pasha, Loredana

Did anyone else jump on this a couple of days ago?

Zoya recently did a promotion where they promised to give away three bottles of polish for free to customers if they could hit 5000 Twitter followers.

I just got mine in the mail a few days ago and I'm really happy with the product overall. Their shtick is their polish is the longest wearing all natural polish - no horrible chemicals and it's nice to your nails.

I was skeptical because I felt like certain chemical ingredients existed in nail polish for a reason. But so far the colors I chose look amazing and my current manicure (in Midori!) has lasted four days without chipping.

Reviews on polish blogs ( and the Nailphile are two I frequent) are also glowing. At $8 a pop, they are even comparable to other salon brands. Love it.


  1. I tried ordering nail polish through the promotion, but I thought it was only good on certain pre-chosen colors (none of which I liked)? Or did you get to choose yours?

  2. i <3 zoya. one of my favorite colors is roxy, a blingtastic pink glitter i've been meaning to get richelle ...a perfect, sparkly gold.

  3. No you totally got to choose them! My roommate thought I was insane because I was so vocal because the site was loading so slowly!


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