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Tuesday, August 25

Pleated Pants

Tee, American Apparel; Pants, Anthro ("Precisely Pleated Pants");
Shoes, Steve Madden; Scarf, Love Quotes; Bag, Rebecca Minkoff.

Yes, I poo-poohed the first coming of the pleated/carrot pants trend. And then this pair by Idra came out. When I saw them styled in the August Anthro catalog, I had this huge urge to get them. No regrets. They are both edgy and office friendly (if/when ever I work in a corporate office environment) and really really comfy.

It was almost like wearing pajama pants out in public. Haha. Oh and I snagged a Love Quotes during the shopbop promo. This one is Marina and I love it lots.

I have a backlog of outfit posts. I will try to post a big consolidated group of outfits when I get home from class tonight. Until then.



The pants in question-


  1. those pants look great. What size did u get? Do u they run big?

  2. I am usually a size 25 or 26 in jeans and a size 0 in bottoms at Anthropologie, but I got a size 2 in these because the pleats looked better in a bigger size.

  3. how tall are u? Im not sure these would look good since im short...


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