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Monday, June 16

H&M Opening, Atlantic Station

I never did post about Friday's festivities. Unfortunately I didn't snap any photos, but if you read my last post about the North Point mall opening, it looked like that, times 15. The place was crawling with security to dissuade queue jumpers (which was unfortunate because I had plans to meet friends and my sister had summer classes to attend to). The line started at the front door with a red carpet and wrapped around the building and snaked around more than four times.

I knew the first few people in line and they admitted they got there at 8:45PM the night before! God, I couldn't sleep outside in that humidity and with a storm constantly threatening like it was that night. The very first person in line arrived at 2PM. Gosh.

I didn't get out of bed until 7. It was totally worth the full night's sleep.

They handed out tshirts and totes and other goodies, but I only heard the cheering from around the building. I was something like 450th in line and missed out. I really only went to grab a few things from the ladies and trend line that they don't carry at the other store.

The store looked just like any other major city store - multistory, carrying all of the brands. My sister exclaimed, "Oh it looks just like the ones in Europe!" Yes, that and the one on 5th avenue, oh globalization.

I'll post my finds once I find my camera.

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