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Tuesday, June 17

H&M Opening Day finds

I only ended up leaving with three things on Friday. Because well, it was insanely crowded, for one. And those were the only things I wanted and I knew right off the bat. I think I spent less than 15 minutes in the store.

I was so frustrated that the North Point store never got the slew of floral tops and dresses I had seen on other blogs and as worn by other bloggers that I was anticipating so much. And then I realized that that store didn't carry that line. And the new store definitely would, but would they get in the items I wanted that had been out since May? YES. Yes they did. In multiple size runs and colors. Delight.

Oh man this does not photograph well at all. All the shots I took with it on were so washed out. I was surprised to find the fabric on this was a spandexy polyestery blend. Like swimwear spandexy. Whatever, it's awesome. It even has a layer of tulle and a huge band of elastic in the lining at the waist to keep its shape.

I also saw a girl at the club wearing this in black and I totally want that one too now...

Oh, and I couldn't find the tube top tunic/dress in the same print with the buttons down the front. Sadness. I will say I ran to the display with the mannequin wearing the maxi dress in order to snag this first.


This was also a similar spandex fabrication. There was also a bodysuit/one piece swimsuit with the same pattern. Whatever, it looks as great as it does in the photos. However, it is just a smidge too short to wear without a bottom layer or leggings.

I ended up grabbing a high waisted tea length skirt, but need to exchange it. I can't decide if it's awesome or completely and absolutely impractical for any weather here.


  1. Ooo love your finds! We have yet to brave the crowds, but one day soon!

  2. looks great! we have the same top :)


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