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Monday, June 9

Water Ice

So when the Rita's opened in Atlanta a little while ago, I was curious. Well, no, I'll be honest. I was really upset because the Bruster's in that space closed. But I often find myself in that midtown plaza with a bit of free time before or after a film, and I was curious.

I love custard, check. I like italian ice, check. I love frozen treats of a dairy variety, check.

Not only that but at the midtown shop, the owner/manager is such a character! The first time I went, he and a younger employee were offering suggestions on what to order and arguing over who would make it. And then they stamped my card a few times and were jolly. Smiles all around.

The new Marietta location opened this weekend and they were advertising free italian ices. I took my sisters, and they happened to know literally all of their employees. Thus ensuring I got my gelati and custard for free.

When the lady in line behind us asked us incredulously, "Oh wow! Is the gelati free today?" I quietly shrugged and walked away pretending not to know how to speak English. Then the girl behind the counter says to her, "Hi Mom! What can I get for you today?" And I ran off.


  1. Hmmm... I always wondered how that Rita's was in midtown. Sounds really perfect right about now!

  2. You should! It's so fun to go there!

  3. mmmmmm... wish there was a Rita's in Los Angeles!


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