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Thursday, June 26

Zara International Sale

So the way that retailers and shoppers operate in Europe includes two major sales - in January and July. Which I mean, that's when the best sales are here, but it's not quite the same. Many people do most of their shopping during this time and a lot of stores will slash prices on everything from the current season. In France these few weeks are called "les soldes," and it is one of my favorite times to visit.

Following this retail pattern, fast fashion merchant Zara is currently having their huge sale, starting today. Literally everything from Spring/Summer has been reduced and prices will continue to be slashed for the next few weeks until everything sells. The new collection is available at full price and includes the "cruise" crossover stuff.

So if there was anything you were eyeing this season, go now! Zara isn't known for continually restocking items, and while sometimes it is heartbreaking, that's part of the excitement! I went today and blazers in Woman were marked down to $79.99-$89.99 from $149; dresses in Basic were marked down as low as $19.99; and they had a huge selection of sizes in shoes left!!

If you have multiple stores available to you and are a Zara shopper, I would urge you to go to all of them! Last summer at this time, I went to stores in something like 8 different countries and each had different merchandise and sizes available.

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