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Tuesday, June 17

A trip through Midtown

You know, I didn't realize all of my outfit was from the same place until I started making this post. Gosh.

And putting this dress on this morning, I came across one of my least favorite activities - ironing. So much woven cotton nonsense requires ironing and I find it so ridiculous and inconvenient. I ended up using a flat iron on the ruffles (why the heck do ruffles need ironing, ugh) and on the sash. I think from now on I have to buy jersey knit and polyester (yuck and yuck) if I'm going to be this haphazard about clothing care.



Oh and this is what my hair looked like, more or less.

Dress, Jovovich-Hawk for Target; sandals, Target; handbag, Gryson for Target; hair accessories, H&M.

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