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Monday, June 23

Silly shots

I've been dying to pull out this vest. And these shorts. And these boots. I had to fight with my coworkers and come in extra early to work to get my hands on one of these vests.

The shorts are a result of the only Topshop purchase I made in London.

And yes, I realize how silly I look in these glasses. And sorry for how silly my poses are in these shots. I'm trying to sell the bags.




Haha I cannot get over how ridiculous these "action shots" are.

Tank, AA; vest, Zara; shorts, Topshop; booties, Minnetonka; sunnies, H&M; bags both Marc by Marc, Airliner bags.


  1. Jinah, I love this outfit! You look so cute!
    I understand the fight for that vest because I've been looking everywhere for one just like it (within my price range). Zara, you say?

  2. Yeah it's Zara, from the "Basic" line. I'm pretty sure women's has stopped receiving shipment of summer, but it's definitely worth asking - there might be one or two in the back!


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