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Friday, June 6

Madewell ATL

So I was taking a smoothie break at work last week, when I walked by a covered storefront. Knowing how retail is doing firsthand, I wasn't surprised that space was changing for the third or fourth time since December. But then I read the store name. And my heart stopped.

They are opening a Madewell 1937 store here! This makes me feel all tingly and special! They chose my mall to put a store in after ages and ages of not having a New York storefront. (I checked in February and it was still under construction.) Well, that and the one that was open wasn't open to the public.

For those that don't know, Madewell is under the J. Crew umbrella and is supposed to be a more casual, younger line. They have a few looks up on their website and many of the pieces are in a similar price range for comparable things at J. Crew: $100 for a pair of jeans, $70-150 for dresses.

I think the stuff looks super cute, but there have been mixed reviews all over.

Either way, I still feel special. Just as special when the Barney's Co-Op opened here. Yay!

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