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Monday, June 9

I has a suit

I wore this out to my really-early-in-the-morning-real-world-big-girl-job interview. I love my suit. I had my sisters give me some input on what to wear and they both hated the jacket. Whatever, I can't stand blazers with lapels. I don't have the patience to get things tailored and they always look poopy on me.

I would have gone with colored shoes if I didn't work in such a conservative field. Conservative office interview dress = closed toed shoes. Boo! I still chose to wear a little bit of color instead of a collared shirt though. Which I also think look yucky on me...

Jacket and skirt, J. Crew; seafoam tee, AA; necklace, F21; pumps, Liz Claiborne; earrings, borrowed from sister's jewelry box.

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