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Sunday, July 27

Cultural outing

I like to take the occasional "culture day" in the city. This is probably not as glamorous as it sounds - it typically involves some kind of ethnic food, followed by a foreign dessert, and maybe a mature or subtitled film. I'm often surprised by how unenthused some people are at the suggestion of such evenings. Maybe I am getting too pretentious or bourgeois? It's hard to say.



I think I was wearing too many clothes. Oh well, whatever. This culture-fest included bubble tea. I love bubble tea and could have different kinds every single day.

Tank (under vest), H&M; vest, Zara; skirt, Viola for Anthropologie; gladiator sandals, Nine West; bracelet, H&M.


  1. Just discovered your blog...liking what I see browsing through. This outfit is fabulous!!! I really want to try something like this out - great skirt. I would love to link.

  2. love the vest ... the outfit looks great!

  3. love the vest ... the outfit looks great!


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