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Thursday, July 17

Madewell, part 1 of many

I was careless today in errand running and almost bypassed my Madewell visit. I did make it around 8:50 and felt too guilty to seriously shop.

But the storefront is so precious! It's next door to Aldo in the (I believe?) old Express space on the main level of Lenox. I felt like I was peering into a really cute house through the curtains. It's rustic and charming and whitewashed.

The displays were really really good. All the clothes smelled really new (I know, duh, but seriously) and the tables were peppered with moccasin boots, books, and bowls of scarves. The scarves were as great as I expected and came in a rainbow array of colors.

The stock they had was pretty close to what is on the (unshoppable?) catalog on the website. Lots of structured solids and basics in yummy and hardy fabrics. I think I will go back tomorrow to take a closer look at their cap sleeve dresses and peter pan blouses.

Oh and for those of you into totes or free stuff, they are giving out totes with purchases of jeans. They have a Madewell ATL tote for the opening and it was super cute! They are available separately for $10 as well.

No photos because I felt rude as it was for shopping so late. Didn't feel up to taking camera phone snaps.

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