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Thursday, July 10

Top Five

I used to make these posts all the time :)

They are never in any particular order. And I find that 5 is a good number. 7 and 10 are too many and I can never narrow my choices down to 3.

Top five things currently on my wishlist:

1. Fifi Lapin drawings. Currently in the shop are looks from Chanel, Proenza Schouler, and Luella. Love these.

2. Chanel Robertson Blvd nailpolish collection. Ouch at $25 a pop. But the colors are so fantastic!

3. Nine West's Lahdidah shoe. It's a pretty solid knockoff... too bad they're not shipping them until September. You can probably find them in stores around the same time, just in time for Fall fashion.

4. Exotic vacation, preferably on a boat around the Greek isles. This is a bit ridiculous, but whatever. I have some graduation chips to cash in. Or maybe instead a birthday NYC trip that happens to coincide with the Topshop opening...

5. The Minnetonka moccasin knee high boots. I don't know why I don't have these. They're not outrageously expensive and I wear my short ones a lot. They just constantly get deprioritized when I see something else and think, "OOh! Shiny!" I'm putting them back on the list. Now the only question is, brown (dusty brown?!), or black?

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