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Thursday, July 10

Outfit post

I'm coming out of my semi-hibernation to make a few posts.

I wore this out for dinner last week. I will mention again how it is blazing hot here. I can't handle wearing non-natural fabrics lately. Well unless it is raining, which has been everyday for the past several days.




This had to be worn with a pashmina eventually because while it is hot out, it is arctic everywhere inside. I'm still not used to this after spending a summer abroad where A/C isn't widely used or available...

Scarf (as headband), J. Crew; tank top, Gap; skirt, Anthropologie; flip flops, reef.


  1. Yeah, what is it with the weather lately? I'm used to rainstorms that make the air get cooler for a couple of days afterwards. Here it just makes my hair look horrible for a week straight.

    I love your blog, btw! And I'm glad I have someone to complain to about Atlanta weather! :)

  2. It's not usually like this! What with the drought and whatnot the weather has gone insane. It's normally this hot and humid, but the rain will be like 5-10 minute ministorms daily. So annoying this year.


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