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Wednesday, July 16

Top Five...

Five things to look forward to:

1. First and foremost, Project Runway Season 5!

Back on tonight, 9 PM EST on Bravo. I can't wait to see the new contestants! Here's hoping there are characters just as great as Christian.

2. Madewell ATL

I still haven't made it to the store. I promise a full report once I do. I keep thinking the photos of the clothes look rather unexciting, but the prices are quite good if the quality is on par with J.Crew.

3. Batman: The Dark Knight

I'm tempted to wear lots of eyeliner and red lipstick to the show. Too much?

Does everyone have their tickets yet? I wanted to go to the IMAX, but those shows for this weekend are long sold out. And then I wanted to go to the drive-in, but I think that will be insane and I can't handle traffic when people don't know how to drive safely.

4. Books.

Okay, this one's nerdy. I just joined a book club and we are having our inaugural meeting soon. I'm excited to meet more intellectual people. And go book shopping!

5. MTV's Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods

I don't know how many of you are keeping up with this reality show, but I have been watching it shamelessly each week. I saw the show on Broadway in February and thought it was hilarious and heartwrenching. The finale is next week! And knowing MTV, if you've missed the previous episodes, you can probably catch a marathon sometime soon.

Gosh, maybe on my next shopping list should be a TiVo. Haha.

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