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Thursday, July 17

The sales are coming!

It's that time again... Sure, yes, late July is typically a good time to hit the sales anyway. But the boutique sales are so much fun! I guess Atlanta isn't the same as other fashion cities - there are trunk shows and line unveilings, but not so many sample sales for lines. I wait for these twice a year to pick up things I've been eyeing. My favorite is the one that combines Bill Hallman and Wish.

This weekend, several boutiques are banding together at Atlantic Station. This sale will be in the space above Z Gallerie. I actually walked by there today and saw lots of construction paper over the windows. So yay for surprises. I have no idea how you get upstairs in that building though.

Boutiques include Boogaloo's, Dresscodes, Kaleidescope, Sandpiper, and tons more.

If you're in for a competitive shopping day and communal dressing rooms, come on out! It'll be fun, I swear.

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