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Tuesday, July 29

Wide leg jeans




Today's plans of crashing a L.A. style pool party were thwarted by well, the doorlady, as well as a freak monsoonish thunderstorm. I decided to dress the part anyway. This outfit was accompanied by my snow leopard beach towel and deep v one piece under one arm. These were quickly replaced by an umbrella and deep concern for my non-waterproof leather bag.

The wide-leg jeans were an adrenaline fueled purchase during an H&M opening. They are on the verge of too long, but I feel silly bringing them in to have them taken up half an inch to an inch. Five inch platform heels will have to do.

Top, Anthropologie; jeans, H&M; shoes, Zara; sunnies, F21; scowl, free - courtesy of 100 degree days.

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