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Sunday, July 20

Why so serious?

What I wore to check out the boutique sale and for The Dark Knight. Conveniently, they were located in the same place.



I considered pulling out my purple and yellow and green things and wearing them mish-mashedly for a Joker look, but opted for black instead. Which might seem safe, but my collection of black things is very small. Love this vest, but it demands that I have more (non crazy colored) basics, as do many other special things in my wardrobe. I think I'm passing the age where dressing Punky Brewster, playful, and eccentric might not work for me anymore.

This is also a culmination of things from my last hurrah at the mall working retail. The shoes were purchased on my last shift. I've been eyeing these, and after touching the real ones in Saks, decided to go for it. I got lots of compliments and to the friends I met at the theatre that were skeptical, I simply told them, "They are like, Batman shoes." "Oh."

And the boutique warehouse sale? Just as huge and awesome as I remembered. I found everything from Original Penguin dresses to Prada floral heeled pumps to JKC scrimshaw bangles at amazing prices. Unfortunately unemployment guilt got the best of me and I left empty-handed. I hope everyone else got great deals, and that no one tried to go to any of the boutiques this weekend, as they were closed.

Oh, and of course, the movie lived up to the hype. The action scenes and character quirks were all insane. I thought it was perhaps half an hour too long, though. And gosh, I forgot how insane Atlantic Station is on weekends. I felt as if traffic had quadrupled and parked in Siberia of the parking deck.

Tee, alchemic for urban outfitters; vest, Zara; mini, AA; shoes, Bakers; bag, MBMJ.


  1. OMG, I loved The Dark Knight, I thought Heath Ledger did great! That outfit that you wore to the movies is cute too.

    BTW, would you like to exchange links with my blog?

  2. love your outfit.your waistcoat is beautifull,finishes the outfit off perfectlyxx


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