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Monday, July 28




What I wore to traipse around Midtown Atlanta. I had to be appropriately dressed to walk confidently into fancy buildings even though I am not a gay man or was not walking a small dog. I think this is also how I come off looking too lady-ish sometimes.

I used to despise capri pants, convinced they make me look shorter. And then J. Crew came out with the Cafe Capri, which I love because they're all slim leg and slimming. From someone who is very much a skirt/dress person and doesn't own slacks or dress pants, these are a big deal.

I'm working on the lighting, because it is poor in so many of my shots... That and I have no photo editing program. We'll see how it goes.

Top, odille for anthropologie; capri pants, J. Crew; peep toe wedges, Steve Madden; france necklace, Erica Weiner; bangle, Jessica Kagan Cushman; bag, MBMJ.

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