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Friday, March 6


Photo print dress. The side cinch is actually a harness with d-rings! Fierce!


Tattoo print dress. The details you can't see are amazing - the top has boning and molded cups. And the belt is included and wraps a bunch of times. Loves it.

I was going to pass on this tee, but it's so cute on. I nabbed this.

No really guys. I wasn't kidding when I said I was zipping off straightaway to check this out.

This collection for whatever reason, got a lot of mixed reviews. I think people might have been put off by the higher price points (upwards of $69.99 for a Target dress) and some of the shapes, which were very edgy and undoubtedly hard to pull off if you're not tall or leggy or sticklike.

I was on the fence even after seeing all of the many many preview photos - the ads looked great, but Target has some issues with posting some rather unflattering product photos on their e-commerce site. But after seeing everything in person... You guys. I wanted nearly everything! The Target I stopped by had just restocked their racks but even so, many things were already sold out. I really wanted to try on the drapy zigzag dress and maybe the cropped blazer, but only one or two was left of each, and none in my size.

The fabrications felt very natural--I've had some qualms about past collections feeling too rayon and polyestery (barf!)--and the prints were very vibrant in person. I loved the hot pink zigzag print, and the blue mystery tattoo print was much better than I imagined. Nothing looked or felt cheap and all the seams and details were excellent on all the pieces.

The bottoms felt smaller than other Target collections, but the tops and dresses fit in my normal size. (Maybe I am just gaining weight on my lower half. This is is entirely possible.) The swimwear fit so tiny! I was finagling myself into that pink one piece and was terrified halfway into it that the seams would rip!

After trying on a bunch of things and seeing them in person, I recommend the blue tattoo print dress (cute swingy circle skirt + fun belt that wraps like 4 times), the striped blazer and shorts (the shorts are so cute! I'm not so into the carrot pants though.), and the Liela print tee (normally I pass on things with the logo plastered on, but this is so fab!). If anyone snags one of the zigzag dresses, I'd love to see some snaps. It looks fierce.

Oh and once again Fashion Trend Guide has a much more thorough review of more pieces from this collection.

Oh, and a tip for you ladies that are trying to track down some of these pieces: most of the Targets by me are overnight stores and restock while doors are closed. For the best selection, try in the mornings, especially before noon! And seriously, don't be shy about calling. I have felt mortified/terrified about calling around for the special collections of things (rarely does a Target team member know what Orla Kiely/Luella/Alexander McQueen is!), but I've found most associates are very nice about helping you find things and will even hold things for you.


  1. I hope it's not all sold out by the time I get to a Target store! I have been so excited about this colection ever since I heard about it! You look amazing in everything!

  2. Fantastic post! Lar and I went to the Target at the Edgewood shopping center and there wasn't much of selection - like that gray dress - you look awesome in it! Lar just got the jumper and I purchased the pants and open-knit cardi. I almost go the one shoulder dress, but I don't really have anywhere to wear it, so I left it for some other lucky shopper.

  3. Great post! My store didn't have the gray dress or the tee which are 2 of the things that I was trying to find. I love the tattoo dress on you look so great!

  4. I tried to do myself a favor by ordering everything online, but I think it actually made me spend less than I would have if I were in the store. Target does a really shitty job photographing the items for the website.

  5. That blue dress is gorgeous! Did you end up getting it?

    And thanks for your thoughts - being in Hong Kong, I can't check them out myself, but was super curious!

  6. i was debating about that dress. love it on you. linked you xo


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