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Monday, March 16

Nom nom noms


In case you are wondering where I have been hiding lately, I've been preoccupied with studying for the GMAT (ick). Which entails me sitting around at home in basically pajamas most days while drinking large glasses of juice.

Also, I am a known hoarder and somehow have amassed an embarrassingly large stash of Girl Scout cookies. Considering that I'm the only one that eats out of this pantry, this is kind of sick. I couldn't help it - the other night I was at Phipps Plaza (after leaving work at closing time) to see a movie and there was a table where a little girl and her mom had set up shop. First of all, that is brilliant to bring cookies to the mall. Second of all, why were they there after shops close? Phipps basically shuts down at like, 8. It was almost 10 when I got there. When was this girl's bed time?

Oh goodness. I bought three boxes. I hope she wins some prizes.


  1. i love girl scout cookies. hehe but i don't know if as much as you.

  2. Don't feel bad, I'm a GS cookie hoarder myself. It's the thin mints that I can't stay away from, I ate a whole sleeve of them lastnight.

  3. ohhh yum. I wish I had some Samoas right now..(there's a sweet recipe here: which I've been meaning to try)

  4. Oooo I'm so jealous of your cabinet. There was a table at our local Kroger the other week, but I only had cash for one box. If they took credit cards, I would dedicate my whole pantry to girl scout cookies! Nomnomnom indeed!

  5. you took all my thin mints!!!


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