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Wednesday, March 4

Picture Show




Dress and socks, American Apparel; cardigan, Urban Outfitters; bag, Hayden Harnett; boots, Frye.

This is what I wore to go to the dollar theatre in the suburbs last night. That and to witness family night at the local chicken eatery. OMG family night. I have never seen a fast food joint so overflowing with families. One group had overtaken half of the eatery and pushed most of the tables together.

All of this was under a coat. I had to layer because that theatre is notoriously cold. I saw Seven Pounds (Willy Willy Smith) and thought it was great. Though it was not as great as if it was about Will Smith with magical powers, like I thought it was going to be. Clearly I am confused about Will Smith's movies in general -- I felt similarly tricked when I went to go see I am Legend. Hello? Nowhere was it advertised as a zombie movie, nothx.

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