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Thursday, March 19

Ticking off the last days of winter...




Dress and jacket, H&M; black cardigan (under jacket), Old Navy; infinity scarf thing, Target; socks, American Apparel; boots, online somewhere?

Even though I'm dying for regularly scheduled warm days all day everyday, I can't help but want to squeeze a few more wears out of my favorite cold weather gear! I'm going to miss my boot collection! Hopefully the non-wool scarves can remain in rotation paired with tanks - air conditioning in the summers can be arctic cold!

I got bored yesterday night and put my hair into rag curls. Haha! I didn't think it through and forgot that short hair in curls = triangle head. Oops. I look like Shirley Temple.

Oh and I cheated (I got bored with trying to make my own to my satisfaction) and found this infinity scarf at Target while taking a peek at the McQ stuff. I had a gift card, and for $16.99, why not?


  1. I LOVE your hair! it looks so cute. and the whole outfit is amazing :D!

  2. I love this outfit! Those boots are great!

  3. Infinity scarves are easy to knit. Cat Bordhi has a great instruction vid on youtube. Plus you can get the super long circular needle required at Wal-Mart. You made my day when you started posting about your adventures into knitting.


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