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Monday, March 2

Tribal print


Atlanta tote

Dress, H&M; scarf and tote, Madewell; cardigan, American Apparel; boots, Minnetonka.

This is what I wore to work on Friday - before the crazy snowstorm on Sunday, oh my.

I think WhoWhatWear Daily featured this Madewell scarf in one of their blurbs recently. I loved and decided I needed it for Spring/Summer this year. I'm glad I grabbed this to go with this outfit because the dress was malfunctioning all day. I think at one point it slid down to my waist and I had to smile and casually pull it back up while helping a customer. Oops.

Oh and this tote is Madewell too -- they were handing them out when they first opened to their first customers. Now you can get one with a purchase of a pair of jeans or they are available for $10 a pop. Not bad considering the print is hand drawn and Atlanta themed.

If you are in the Atlanta area and into Madewell denim, they are having a fun event this Thursday with cocktails, free hemming, and an in-store DJ! I would be there but I'll be at the Britney concert.

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