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Monday, March 16

Putting it back together




Dress, Anthropologie; vest, Zara; boots, Frye; necklace, Marc Jacobs (from the accessories store).

Trying to get a little more mileage from these boots before it gets so absurdly hot (because oh it will) and I can't wear them until next November.

I forgot I had this dress and found it in a pile of dry cleaning the other day. Meg Ryan's character in The Women was wearing it and I had secretly been wondering where mine had run off to. They pressed all the wrinkles that it was supposed to have in it out at the cleaner's so now it is way big. Um that's the only reason I threw on another layer. The end.

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  1. You just reminded me that I need to rent The Woman. Love the colors of the dress & that vest is gorgeous.
    I went to Anthropologie yesterday & bought the Carrillo Shift dress, a scarf and the Undiscovered Valley Dress. Too bad none of it was on sale, but I had giftcards! :)


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