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Sunday, March 29

Sailing Away



Dress, laundry by design; cardigan thing, Old Navy; scarf (as necklace), Mango; sandals, Saltwater Sandals; bag, Lesportsac.

I decided to mesh the whole nautical and business clothes themes into this outfit. Primarily because the dress is polyester and therefore rain friendly. It was raining buckets and buckets this weekend and I couldn't be bothered to wear anything silk or cotton because it would stretch out funky or get stained.

It was also far too cold for sandals on Friday when I wore this out, but I didn't know what other shoes could withstand the torrential downpour. What are you supposed to wear when it's too warm for boots and too cold for sandals?? For some reason I don't own proper raingear. In college, on the really heavy rainy days, I'd just wear my hiking sandals and call it a day. As a grown up in a semi conservative workplace, I'm at a loss.

Oh, and I gave in and bought this tote. I love how I get to support Fifi Lapin in a subtle and mainstream way.

And I tied a square scarf into a necklace a la Dottie of Fashion Nation.


  1. you look gorgeous! may I blog about you?

  2. Saltwater sandals!!!! I really wanted a pair last year but I didn't know how they looked on actual feet . . . this really makes me want to get a pair!

    Oh, and wasn't today 10 times nicer? That rain was the worst . .. I just wore some gross old '80s boots about the whole weekend.

  3. those shoes are lovely. i've never heard of saltwater sandals. i might have to do more research...


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