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Saturday, March 14

The Wackness

I don't know if it was the Daylight Savings time change or the crazy hot and cold weather, but I've been all out of whack this week. My sleep schedule is all messed up and I keep waking up feeling not rested enough.

That on top of feeling guilty for even thinking about spending conspicuously has kept me from really updating or even feeling inspired. I think today I rested up enough and can get back into posting again. There have been no outfit posts because, well, there have been no outfits to speak of. I've had those lazy, throw on a v neck and jeans days so many times this week. On my days off, I've been in lounge wear and cooping myself up inside to get my study on for the GMAT.

So being poor and feeling weird and spending way too much time exploring on the web has resulted in the following wishlist - apparently I don't care or require if any of my wardrobe is coherent. Oh well.

Things I would buy if I could afford to buy them:
(or maybe, a list of things that you should buy, stimulating the economy and all)

Mr. Mittens Big Adventure Shirt

Fifi Lapin tote
Full of cuteness and supporting a blogger? Yes yes yes.

McQ for Target One shoulder dress
Is anyone else ridiculously frust that this is so hard to find?! I'm just not a
trousers kind of girl and need the dress from this collection sry.
After the Orla Kiely canisters fiasco I am so not willing to drive
around to a billion Targets again.

Sam Edelman wedges
I'm feeling like I need new shoes. Fierce ones.

Carrillo Shift dress
Ugh this is so amazing in person. The texture of the fabric and the
brass buttons make it feel so much more expensive.

Baby Groovee
Um it's small. I like the mini version of things.


Will make a more substantial post soon!


  1. I vote ninja or whale! They are ALL cute so keep us updated on what you chose!
    As for the felling out of whack, i feel the same way. Not quite spring, and the changing of the clocks, etc. Oh, well there's always next week!

  2. I am soooo tempted to go to my Anthropologie and buy that shift dress. It has been "calling" me ever since I got my catalog in the mail. A perfect dress for a hot & humid Texas summer, and my favorite color!

  3. hi..i just stumbled upon your blog. very cute! i myself wanted to see if i could find the mcqueen dress you mentioned up there, and to my surprise there was one on ebay! size 11, but you might be able to extract a pattern from it or something. i think it would look great on you. currently it is $5.50..can't beat that :)


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