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Thursday, February 26

Minna Parikka

The lovely Piksi had me on the hop trying to track down these adorable shoes. Nevermind that she lives in Finland - my Google-fu never fails me. But it did a couple weeks ago and no Minna Parikka shoes were to be found anywhere! (Well, atleast in the States, anyway.)

The ever gorg Piksi in said shoes.

I was reading Ranna's blog Only Shallow where she told the blogosphere the good news - Minna Parikka now has e-commerce!!! And they ship internationally. I am having trouble holding myself back. It's a good thing I froze my credit cards in a block of ice, Shopaholic style, last week. Sigh.

For fellow recessionistas, please let's drool over these goodies together now that they're available to us. The heart-shaped cutouts! The wings! The curved heel! My feet and wardrobe are crying that these aren't coming home to me any time soon.

Raquel, 265 euro

Anna, 290 euro

Ava, 275 euro

Polly, 270 euro

Jackie, 285 euro


  1. Oh man, I totally do not need another great shoe source! My wallet will suffer! Plus, I just bought some awesome shoes at Eviva yesterday - I'll blog about them soon ;).

  2. love the last pair

  3. nice shoes, check out the blog and vote for blog of the week


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