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Wednesday, February 18

Orla Kiely for Target... finally!

Okay so the collection was slated to come out this past Sunday, February 15th. However, most of the stores around me got in their kitchen things (dishtowels, placemats, potholders, apron, etc.) and their organizing stuff (storage boxes, media boxes, laundry bag, etc.) about a week early.

One store had in the dinnerware which led me on this crazy goose chase for the canisters. The fact that only the dinnerware was put up for sale online and the canisters were the first thing to sell out didn't help either.

I am a little nutso when collecting things and ended up going to upwards of 10 stores. I spent an entire day off driving from Target to Target. I felt like I was taking crazy pills!

Alas, when I had finally given up and was going to resort to eBay (omg the markup you guys), we stumbled upon this:



It was as if the Target gods were smiling down upon me.

Those of you that aren't willing to make a bajillion treks or call your local store every morning, I suggest buying online. Every store I went to told me these were the first things to sell out. I was also told that they would be restocking regularly. Too bad I'm not that patient.

I finally found these outside of the perimeter. As far as I know most stores are sold out. Atlantic Station and Buckhead didn't have their displays up yet so you could try your luck there.

Yay happy kitchen!

Also, this day was punctuated by discovery of a bubble tea stand not too far away. Yay for postal holidays and adventures!

Honeydew with tapioca.

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