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Monday, February 2

Mmm Spandex!

So on Saturday (which I got off for the first time, in, wow, ever!!) I hit the shops and touched and tried on everything. I made a side detour from window shopping to the Buckhead American Apparel store to try on this little number, which everyone has been buzzing about:

Cotton Spandex Jersey Double U Neck
Long Sleeve Mini Dress
, $38

Which I was excited about too! So excited. I love my double u neck dresses and they are perfect for going out (funny how I never have photos of those outfits, ha!). I tried it on and it was all funky and droopy in the shoulders. Nevermind that it's short and tight, that's okay, but I wasn't too keen on having my itty bitties being exposed. Well not unless I choose to anyway.

It fit the same as the short sleeved version (body-con and short -- very sassy) but it was too big around the collar/shoulders. It kept slipping off me like an 80's tribute sweatshirt. What. a. bummer.

I also wanted to see for myself one of these:

This is what really sparked my whole obsessive scarf hunt, really. And it is awesome and soft and comes in signature American Apparel colors! Love this. If you read the reviews on the site, they are mixed, because, well, essentially it is a large seamless tube of fabric. But you have to remember a few things - $28 is not that much money for a infinity scarf (believe me, I've been scouring the web), the scarf comes with a card that has photos of suggestions of many many ways to wear it as a garment in addition to as a scarf (so fun!), and it is made of AA's lovely combed cotton.

It's frustrating to explain to people that yes, _____ from American Apparel is just a t-shirt/hoodie/dress/etc. but it's so much more than a basic. Does any old t-shirt come in a billion colors and is subtly cut in such a way that makes you feel sexy wearing it? I didn't think so.

But some of my friends do think I'm weird when I tell them, "This is my special favorite blue t-shirt." They just give me a Look.

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  1. hi there, i just started reading your blog. i love your style and your wit. =]

    i remember you writing that you love hayden harnett...have you SEEN their sale???

    emile bags for $140!!!


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