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Thursday, February 12

Hello Kitty + ... McDonalds

It was recently brought to my attention that McDonald's is giving out Hello Kitty watches in their Happy Meals.

This is awesome, because every once in a while I crave a cheeseburger. And I mean, it's a meal + watch for like, what, $4? That and they have my favorite old skool characters - My Melody! Little Twin Stars! Chococat! Glee!!! And my wrists are freakishly small so I can actually wear them. Brb guys, going to McDonald's.

But then there's the whole McDonald's thing... I only crave it every once in a while, like maybe once a year. Lol. Whatever, you can totally buy the toys without purchasing foods.


  1. HK just keeps making a comeback, doesn't she?? These are adorable!

  2. That is AMAZING. I'm headed to McDonald's stat!


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