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Sunday, February 15

HK, much?

So most of the time I try to deny that I'm a sparkles, rainbows, and unicorns kind of girl. Not only girly in general but especially not hysteric glamour j-pop kawaii kind of girly. But I really think I can't cover it up anymore. I realized that I was Hello Kitty-ed out this week and couldn't hide it anymore. Look forward to teal glitter eyeshadow and unicorn sweatshirts me. Ha.

This is the wristband I was wearing in the previous outfit post.


Which quickly evolved into this after I stopped at McDonald's that day for a Happy Meal (...).

I got Chococat! Haha I wore this all day at work and laughed at how huge it is. And how awesome it is.

I got home later that day and realized my space is filled with miscellaneous things:

Free tote with MAC purchase. (Sorry I couldn't get a clear shot of this, ugh.)

The valentines I gave out at work. (Not to mention the extra tattoos I kept and applied on myself.)

And geez, my keys.

So basically, I am one of those girls. "Those" girls? No, I am me and am resuming my regularly scheduled obsessing with unicorns and glittery things.

P.S. This site might get you in the mood too.

P.P.S. I have been watching this on repeat. Ahhh!

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