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Wednesday, February 25

Oh Winter

When I woke up and realized I have another day
off and no ambitions to do anything today.

It's becoming more and more apparent that I have the ennui. I'm so bored out of my gourd, guys.

And it doesn't help that I spend my time off reading articles about the recession and its impact on retail economy. (Though I couldn't help but find this one from New York Magazine fascinating.) I mean, because what I'm hearing is, "If you have the money, it's a good time to buy!" Seriously, and it's not just clothes, it's everything. It makes me feel all itchy thinking about it - I have so many brilliant plots that revolve around winning the lottery or a sweepstakes.

So to propel myself out of this funk, I've decided to take on and accomplish a few projects instead of giving something up during Lent this year. (I mean, let's be honest, my giving up soda or fast food isn't going to help me or the economy significantly.) Once I track down some seriously hard to find craft supplies and get some software up and running, I will be well on my way. I promise updates for realsies this time -- but to be fair, I never made curtains or finished a scarf.

I will cap this off with a picture of my little chicken cat who likes to sleep in a cloud when I'm doing laundry.


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