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Monday, February 16

Valentine's update: part 1

It completely slipped my mind that I didn't actually make a post. I uploaded the pictures and thought to myself, "Ok, check! Done!"

Saturday was one of those wonderfully drawn out adventure days - I so rarely enjoy days off coinciding with anyone else's. I was so excited! It was like a mini roadtrip vacation day.

Bursting with excitement!

First pit stop of the day.

I'd always been curious about this establishment. Growing up in Georgia, I took for granted that Chik Fil A is ubiquitous and available whenever I want it (okay, except on Sundays). And Truett's Grill?! It looks so special and fun! I've driven by this on random thrifting excursions and have been dying to go.

It is almost like an amusement park inside. The kid's meals came in cardboard T-birds and a toy train with a cow rode around on a track above the dining area. Staples from the CFA menu as well as special fun things you can get at Dwarf House CFAs were on the menu. I had chicken. They also served steak, which I thought was a little weird.

And then we hung out for hours at Scott Antique Market. I got to touch pretty things and people watch. I didn't take any pictures inside because I was feeling shy and there were so so many breakables.

Haha I was eating a gummi bear in this picture.

This man is selling fake fires. Yesss.

Dress, plenty by Tracy Reese; jacket, H&M Divided Red; boots, Minnetonka; bag, Hayden-Harnett.

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