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Friday, February 13

I'm a Valentine!

I like to dress up for holidays. I decided to see how far I could take it for work. Okay, I didn't really take it that far.

A little girl came in with her mom to my work today wearing a red jumper and white leggings with red hearts. I was like, "Ok you win."

Either way, I like being festive! Along with this outfit came a huge plate of cookies and a bunch of Hello Kitty valentine cards. The cookies and cards were devoured and cherished by my coworkers. I think.

I can't wait until tomorrow! Fun pictures from adventures to come!! And possibly three wardrobe changes. So much. Eeeeee!




Deep v, American Apparel; skirt, Baraschi (at Anthropologie); shoes, Lucky Penny (at Anthro); bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs; necklace, Erica Weiner; leather cuff, street market.


  1. Great v-day outfit. I love purple and pink together!

  2. This is so sweet, it's almost too sweet...but not quite! I love it, the subdued color, the proportions, you look lovely.


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