Bonjour it's Jinah!

Wednesday, June 1

Bonjour it's Paris!

Day 1_5

Day 1_4

I promised a recap of my adventures, right? Well, to begin, it barely began. As evidenced by my forlorn post from the airport, I wasn't sure I was even going to make it out of the country. Technical difficulties and a sudden hailstorm resulted in a six hour delay.

But finally we boarded the plane, and despite all the napping I'd done in the car on the way to the airport and the snooze I took on the flight, I passed out upon arriving at the hotel. Which led to a late start to the day.

I managed to cajole my sisters into a late dinner by Trocadero. They quickly stopped whining when we passed by the Tour Eiffel on the way.

Day 1_7

I proceeded to snap into blogger mode. Which means instead of trying to take myself seriously, I turned into a huge ham for anyone that would watch. Look, you can't embarrass me if I'm already embarrassing myself!

Day 1_1

Outfit details:
    Day 1_2

    Day 1_3

    I think it was a suitable start to our journey, and the perfect intro to the City of Light.

    Day 1_6


    1. "Look, you can't embarrass me if I'm already embarrassing myself!"
      Haha, so true. Great photos, too!


    Bonjour y'all! Thanks for stopping by.

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