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Monday, June 6

Paris Day 2: Blogger at Heart


No, I really wasn't kidding about being a hammy ham. And whew, I am also not kidding when I advise infrequent travelers to pack comfortable shoes! How grateful am I that desert boots are back in style?

And can I just apologize, yet again, for being eternally busy? Work, vacation, festival work, work, celebrations, and just IRL everything else is keeping me away.

Day 2_1

Day 2_3

We managed to sneak some outfit photos at the Louvre. There is very little room for sneaking in general with the throngs of people!

Day 2_2

Day 2_4

This is my favorite outtake of the day. Mira told me, "Okay, now do something French!" Apparently flying was my answer to that model prompt.

Day 2_5

Day 2_6

Outfit details:


  1. So jealous! It looks SO beautiful there! You must be having the best time!

  2. You are so lucky, I wish I was there! But flights from my corner of the world (New Zealand) can be way too expensive cause we're so far away.

  3. I think that's my sister's favorite too! She's one of those that likes to take secret videos of you look like a goofball, though...

  4. That's such a bummer! We happened to find a really good deal one day and decided it would be worth it for the three of us. Otherwise I think it would have been two or three times as much to go.

  5. The first photo is my favorite! 


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