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Monday, June 20

Paris Day 6: Medieval Times

What happened to day 5, you ask? The majority of it was spent on the road and unsuccessfully trying to pick up the rental car, so I thought I'd spare you the details. Don't get me wrong--driving through the French countryside is gorgeous! It's just that frazzled Jinah pajamas face is not blogworthy.

As the most seasoned traveler, and the only one of the travel party who had studied French culture and geography, I convinced my sisters we needed to visit Normandy. And while traveling the country by rail is both economical and efficient, the logistics of organizing around train timetables, bus schedules, high tide, and the many valises of three young girls, I decided driving would be a nice adventure.

So neither of my sisters really knew what to expect when I announced we would be visiting the Mont St. Michel. But when I spotted the tidal island in the distance, everyone got quickly excited.

You really can't tell what you're getting yourself into from so far away. You drive through quite a bit of farmland and rural pastures along the way, and all of a sudden there is this large, imposing marvel.

Day 6_1
Quick history lesson: The Mont St. Michel, located near Avranches in Normandy, is a settlement founded on a large rock. Existing since medieval times, the island has been both a religious and militaristic stronghold with cross cultural ties. Now it is considered one of the wonders of the world and attracts a constant stream of tourists to view the island, the coastal flats, and the abbey, which still stands.

Day 6_2
At high tides, the island is surrounded by water. In theory this is incredible, in reality, it gets a little scary when you're considering where to park your vehicle.

Day 6_5
There was no significant difference in tides on the day we visited.

Day 6_4

Day 6_3
Jeanie couldn't resist remarking that the narrow winding streets behind the fortified walls reminded her of Diagon Alley.

Day 6_10
When the tide is low, you can walk across the wet sands. Though I knew there was no danger that day, I couldn't help but feel terrified for these people.

Day 6_6
Castles and turrets and high princess towers are my favorite.

Day 6_7
I couldn't resist dressing for the occasion. I picked up this skirt before leaving the States and thought it would be perfect for visiting an island! Once again, I picked a pair of comfortable shoes. Seriously, cobblestones are not to be messed with!



Outfit details:
I'll be back later today with something extra special! Thanks for sharing in my French adventure!


  1. Love your outfit! I have my eye on that Antrho skirt.

    I once stayed overnight at Mont St Michel. After the day tourists left, it was so nice and quiet; you could imagine being transported back in time. I was cool watching the tide come in, too.

  2. That's how I felt when I purchased the skirt (one of my shopping partners in crime talked me into it!), but I'm really glad I got it. It's the perfect little holiday piece.

    Have an amazing time in France!

  3. What a beautiful sight!  France is one place I've never visited so I've been enjoying your pictures.  And wow, that one picture does look like Diagon Alley!  I would have squealed out loud if I got to see that in person!  Your outfit couldn't be any more perfect.  I love that you paired the sailboat skirt with the striped top.  Good thinking about comfortable shoes.  My best friend honeymooned in Paris and all she brought were heels.  Needless to say, she paid for it big time!  Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip!

  4. Oh wow, that's so amazing! I'll definitely have to look into that for future trips.


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