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Tuesday, June 14

Paris Day 4: Fit for a Queen

The next day, after multiple picnics the day before, I hoped my little tour group wasn't toured-out. Because I took my little ladies to Versailles. Paris in 3 days--pass, see the city. Paris in 5 days--it's about an hour and makes a perfect day trip. 

Day 4_1
This time I was prepared with proper footwear. These cobblestones are serious business.

Day 4_2
This art installation was happening during our visit. If memory serves me correctly this didn't exist before. I couldn't decide if it was an eyesore or if it was kind of neat?

Day 4_3
Sweet wallpaper there, Louis.

The grounds and especially the crowds to get in were swarming with people. More so than I can ever recall from past visits. I couldn't decide if it was the time of day we chose (midmorning), the day of the week (Friday), or the recent exhibition ("Thrones in Majesty"). But whoo boy, so many people. So many people that through most of the palace we were simply satisfied with looking and not snapping away.

Except, however, when we came across the Hall of Mirrors.

We took it as a sign: photo op. The little lines we couldn't cross worked in our favor to cut out the crowd from photos.

Day 4_4
Everything in this room is gilded. OPULENCE.

Day 4_5

Day 4_6
I reaaaally wasn't kidding about the mirrors!

We took some obligatory fashion blog shots. I chose again to ham it up and did a little curtsey. Why, how do you do, Ms. Coppola? What, you want me to be best friends with Kirsten and Jason and make another movie? Anytime, anytime.

Jeanie looked primped and pretty, as always.

Day 4_7
And I couldn't let us leave without giving mes soeurs a glimpse of the groomed grounds. It always looks incredible!

Outfit details:
I'll be back tomorrow with a more recent post and outfit--don't forget to pull out your lace for tomorrow! The monthly Everybody, Everywear day is upon us and the theme is lace, lace, lace! Can't wait to see how everyone styles theirs up!


  1. thanks for the shout-out jinah! i love that a tiny piece of me was in paris this summer. c'est la vie.

  2. Yay I'm so glad! I love my Bensimons.

    And I used to spend all my summer job savings on Europe trips whenever I could through college. It had been 4 years since my last trip before this summer and I'm so glad I could go back! 

    I mean... baby cultural experiences are good, right?

  3. What a sweet trip! I haven't been to paris for 5 years and now that I have an infant it will probably be a while longer (though we did just get him a passport...). You put together perfect sightseeing outfits, and thanks for the link to the Bensimons! I'd been looking for the Ballerine style forever and it was sold out everywhere. Looks like Endless just got a whole bunch of Bensimons in recently.

  4. This is fantastic - thanks so much for sharing your trip, Jinah!

  5. Great Paris series, I love reading about your adventures :). It's always been a dream of mine to visit there, so this both fuels and satisfies my wanderlust. Quick question--is the grey Le Pliage a limited edition? I've been trying to find it recently but can't!

  6. Thanks so much Mary! There is only one thing I love more than clothes, and that is traveling..heh

    And I bought my Longchamp tote a few years ago--they randomly phase out and introduce new colors, so maybe it's not available anymore? I feel like they always do a taupe/beige and a grey, so I would wait if you want a similar color. Hope this helps!


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