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Sunday, June 12

Paris Day 3: Modern Love

Day 3_1

I never manage to visit Paris without visiting the Centre Pompidou. Especially in college, I always made a point to visit the modern art museum in any city I happened to find myself. Sometimes it's nice to balance all of that left-brained knowledge that engineering classes beat into you.

Day 3_3

Day 3_5

Day 3_2

I convinced my sisters that a picnic brunch on the museum grounds would be awesome. After some grumbling, I think they were stunned into silence once we actually arrived.

Day 3_4

And luckily enough, Mira is an avid photographer and was extremely willing to be my paparazzi the entire trip. After the museum visit and a quick nap, I changed shoes (heels are okay for museum going, but not city block stomping!) and I convinced the girls we needed to visit the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Not only is it beautiful and tranquil, it is a prime people watching spot. And a fashion blogger's dream background.


Outfit details:

Hope you had a bon week-end! See you tomorrow, loves.


  1. You look beautiful!  Thanks for sharing your trip with us:)  I was in Paris years ago and stayed right around the corner from the Museum.  It was fabulous and we visited numerous times since we were staying so close.  Oh, the memories! 

  2. Wonderful photos Jinah, love ur outfit, super cute...:D

  3. Ahhh, Paris. I love Paris oh so much- it was my favorite place in Europe I visited a few uyears back. You look beautiful!

  4. those shoes hurt my feet and i see that they hurt yours too.:)
    my mom and i went to paris when i was 11 and i have a picture of me in front of that museum. i thought it was the coolest looking place. still is. what an amazing trip jinah!

  5. Denim jackets are one of my favorite things about summertime! 

  6. That's the Gossamer Garden Dress and after seeing your pictures on flickr last week or the week before I dug my dress out from the depths of my closet. I love these pictures, especially third fromt he bottom. You look so pretty!

  7. what a gorgeous look- I love this dress with the yellow clogs- very astute shoe/activity matching too. Gorgeous!!

  8. I STALKED this dress for years after not buying it way back when. It got here literally just as we were leaving for the airport and I shoved it in my suitcase!

  9. Everyone lies so much about how "comfortable" their clogs are! Not "work" shoes, not at all!


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