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Thursday, June 9

Tom's Next Chapter: One for One

So for the past few weeks at work, we have had this mystery box casually sitting in the store. Sent to Squash Blossom by TOMS, it contained the next chapter of the TOMS saga--the next "One for One" product. We are extra extra special to have received it--only 100 stores around the country got one!


Tom's Next Chapter 1

But to keep the element of surprise, it was locked. Like for real locked with a padlock.

Not gonna lie: I shook that thing like it was a box under the Christmas tree, trying to figure out what the heck it was. The unveiling was this Tuesday at 1:30, and I was so glad to finally have my curiosity satisfied.

And still there was more anticipation: our local rep, Elizabeth wasn't allowed to open the box until after Blake (TOMS founder) had.

Tom's Next Chapter 3

We waited impatiently for the greenlight.


And then we watched an informative video. Darn it!
Only then were we allowed to finally open the box!

Tom's Next Chapter 4

And inside we found new TOMS eyewear! The new One for One product allows us in the First World to help others by purchasing a pair of stylish TOMS shades. Each purchase of a pair of sunglasses provides eyecare (whether it be medical assistance, eyeglasses, or surgery) to someone in need.

Pretty amazing huh?


The best part? All of the styles and colors are SO GOOD.



Can we talk about how good these wayfarer style shades are? (They're this style!)

All of the styles have different stripes on the legs of the glasses. The first stripe represents you, and the third represents the person you're helping. The middle stripe is TOMS, bringing the two together.

You can shop all of the styles online from TOMS, or come check out the collection at Squash Blossom! I'm super excited about this new product, and you'll likely see me sporting my glasses all the time!


  1. That's so exciting! I love Toms, and I'd totally wear all of these! 

  2. That's pretty nifty, good for that company! The ones you tried on look adorable.

  3. i'm a longtime reader and first time poster. i also live in the atl. : ) one of my good friends works @ toms in l.a. i love their company model and was wondering if i could purchase the glasses locally. so happy to know i can!

  4. Yay! That's so awesome! They're actually flying out the door--definitely stop by the shop if you want a pair!


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