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Tuesday, June 7

BFF Style: Luau Ladies Edition!

One thing I can't resist? Theme parties. Why theme parties in particular? It's not so much about the decor or the food (but I do really love both of these things too!). It's about what you get to wear when there is a theme involved. Getting dressed is just so much more fun if you have an excuse to go a little over the top.

Luckily, all of my lovely friends agree, and every now and then we take the party outside of the safety of a living room. So this past weekend, in celebration of Lana's gainful employment, we partied down, hula style. And what luau would be complete without tropical drinks, floral hair adornments, and loud colors?

This week you get to meet Julia and Jess. Most of you will remember miss Lana from our previous BFF adventures!

Lana's Luau 1
l to r: Julia, Lana, Jess

Lana's Luau 2
The skewers were koalas and the cups were coconuts! We cried over the cuteness.

Lana's Luau 6
Julia is sooo pretty! Like for real.

Lana's Luau 3
But really.

Lana's Luau 4

Lana's Luau 5
I have the prettiest friends in the whole wide world!


  • Lana is wearing a Tracy Feith for Target dress.
  • Julia is wearing a vintage dress from the 60's purchased from Zoe's.
  • Jess is wearing a vintage maxi unearthed at our favorite thrift haunt.
  • All of these ladies are wearing  handmade hair accessories crafted at home!
  • And all of that hair is natural. As much as I love a Bumpit, a good hairspray and teasing goes a long way.
  • Ambiance and beverages are from Trader Vic's.
  • Colored flashes from my Diana F+ flash kit.


  1. JORDAN! How did I not know this?! If I learn to make the yummiest Mai Tais can I come over?

  2. I love the pics of your party! I love theme parties, too! And if there is no theme to a party (or a work meeting for that matter) I make it up! (Proof is in my blog about the FAA and the wedding last weekend - can you say "Fascinator"? hahahaha). Rejoicing in the journey! Cheers! xoxo

  3. FUN. I love Julia's hair. I always wanted bangs so thick, but my hair refuses.

  4. FattycakeshandmadeJanuary 23, 2012 at 2:57 AM

    So cute! We got engaged there and our entire basement is a 1950's tiki bar!


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