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Monday, July 11

Hola it's Mira

I feel a little bit like a kid stalling for a later bedtime the way I've been dodging posting on the regular. And since all of my wardrobe and blog gear will finally be reunited tomorrow, it's still gonna have to wait.

But I thought a Monday diversion would be fun! Now, you've already met my sister Mira, but you haven't seen her new blog: Hola it's Mira! She promised it's not a parody of mine, but it's hilarious all the same.

I read this too, it's totally intense!

Mira's got quite some sass and her self deprecating humor makes me belly laugh each time she updates. As she describes it her blog "will be dedicated to her non-fashion sense and how many t-shirts she owns and how long she can wear the same shirt before washing it."

So for those of you curious about what I've been wearing. This is a pretty accurate representation. Moving and the summer doldrums pretty much dictate the comfiest dresscode ever.

I'll get dressed in real clothes tomorrow. Today it's a tee and running shorts while lifting boxes kind of day.


  1. This is hilarious! I think your other sister will need to join in the fun too!

  2. Jeanie is so much more of a FB girl. But oh man, could you imagine?

  3. OMG I could not put Room down, but at the same time it was so horrifying!

  4. Just had to comment as I just started "Room" today--lovin' it so far! And I just went over and cracked up at your sister's blog. :) Awesome.


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