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Wednesday, July 27

Raindance in Polka Dots

So of course after I do a ranty-pants post about the sweltering tropical heat in Atlanta, there is suddenly a series of serious thunderstorms. Of course there is.

But I can't really complain--is there anything more exciting than pulling out your rainboots? Bring it on, monsoon season! Puddle splashing and umbrella carrying are two of my top life skills, so I'm all set.

Of course the danger with battling this weather (besides the grey skies and giant puddles) is the moody blues. I can't help but want to do nothing but hibernate when the sky is brooding. To combat it, I had to pull out this little lady. I couldn't help but feel cheerful all day long with the little dot pops of color.

Outfit details:


  1. I love the boots w/the dress! :)

  2. Gosh, you are so cute!! This post made me smile :-)

  3. You look so cute!  I love polka dot dresses in general, and yours is no exception. that umbrella is so darling, too.

  4. Hi Jinah, Your Dress is lovely and somehow I like that you are wearing your Wellingtons as well, it all comes together so cool.


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