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Monday, July 25

July Valentine

As I'm sure many of you can commiserate, it's felt like Indian Summer all summer long. Down South specifically, this means feeling like you got smacked in the face with sticky bathwater steam each time you step outdoors. For me this means going from Point A indoors to Point B indoors is from tepid to hothothot to lukewarm.

Not even the fancy fan from Dyson manages to keep that sticky slick of sweat from forming on my brow and hanging around all day long. Yucky yuck yuck.

My greatest efforts (i.e. when I'm not in cutoff shorts and the skimpiest tank I can find) are cotton and silk ensembles like this one. Anyone else melting out there?

Outfit details:


  1. If you feel perverse buying sweaters and boots when it's hot out, then call me perverse too!  I am longing for fall so I can layer up with my fall favorites.  Ugh, but cooler weather is still atleast 3 months away 'round these parts.  :(

  2. Oh yuck! I've been making a mental list of swimming pools I want to visit during the most unbearable days but have yet to make the rounds. Is it weird that one thing that keeps me occupied is thinking about wearing clothes for cooler weather? I feel perverse buying sweaters and boots when it's so hot out.

  3. Haha you're so sweet! When taking the photos the only thing I can think to myself is, "Don't grimace because it's hot."

  4. I agree Jinah.  This is a cruel, cruel summer.  106 again in Dallas today.  No rain in over a month (serious drought conditions), feels like walking through a blow dryer outside.  It really sucks when you can't get any relief from the swimming pool of soupy, warm water!  August is always our hottest month of the year, so I am just cringing thinking of how much hotter it will get.  Your outfit is cool and chic!  I'm sticking with cotton and silk too.  :)

  5. Yes, I am melting too!. I cannot wait for this heat wave to be over!

  6. I love all the lush bushes around you.


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