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Monday, July 25

Hold Onto Your Pocketbooks: Dynamic Zigs

I've been enough out of the blog loop and strayed from following my favorite Anthro blogging ladies in fear for my wallet, but I was thrown when I saw this little lady went on sale. I get the feeling that the navy/red colorway is more popular, but I couldn't help but be attracted to the neutral version of this frock.

With pale leather sandals and blushy pink accessories for the rest of summer and warm pumpkin spice layers and brown boots for fall, it could easily transition. I'm thinking of adding this frock to my Tracy Reese hoard. What do you think?

Dynamic Zigs Dress by plenty by Tracy Reese
was $158, now $89.95


  1. I have an itchy trigger finger! I didn't even consider a 2nd cut. Why do I have to be so impatient??

  2. I tried it on and it's very flattering. And the stretchy jersey is so comfortable! I preferred this pattern over the blue one on me as well.

    There seems to be a lot of stock online, so I'm hoping if it will get a second cut soon.

  3. I just nabbed it in orange/blue this week and love it! The price point was a bit high for me, even on sale, but I see getting a LOT of wear  out of it (have already worn it for a night out and a bridal shower).

  4. It's gorgeous, such a flattering shape! And I agree it would work very well as a trans-seasonal piece :) x


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