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Friday, July 29

Southern Field Trip: Unclaimed Baggage Center

UBC AL Trip 4
So Alicia and I decided to take a trip out west. Yup, we road tripped all the way to the Grand Canyon, just for kicks. Ok no, I'm kidding.

UBC AL Trip 15
We did, however, take a winding trip through North Georgia and Alabama to visit the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, AL. For those of you unfamiliar, this store resells the contents of lost and unclaimed luggage at thrift store prices. So it ends up being more curated than your average Goodwill, with the items in better condition.

Being the adventuresses we are, we chose the scenic route. Warning for the easily carsick or afraid of heights: the road was winding and there was a steep drop off on one side much of the way.

UBC AL Trip 18
I spent the majority of the 2.5 hour drive occupying myself with activities to ward off any carsickness. And boredom. And sleepiness! Self portraits and road trip documentation were among these activities...

Fortunately, Alicia is willing to give into my Ultimate Tourism requests and pull over for impromptu photoshoots. I managed to squeeze some silliness out of her serious self.

UBC AL Trip 13

UBC AL Trip 14
I really think these are accurate portrayals. True life: Alicia is really cute and silly and is super duper fun. Don't let her movie star style fool you!

UBC AL Trip 17
We finally made it to our destination and set about with our treasure hunting. Here is a sampling of goods that caught my eye:

UBC AL Trip 8
Kate Spade slingbacks. I left these behind since they were a little too bridesmaid-sy for normal use and also were priced at over $150. But they are very pretty and looked brand new.

UBC AL Trip 9
French Connection sequined frock. Great little NYE dress.

UBC AL Trip 10
Giant (?!!) fake (real?!) bottle of perfume. First off, I didn't know you could buy/obtain these from department store displays. Secondly, why would you buy or bring this while traveling? It was so bizarre.

UBC AL Trip 11
International section!! This was my favorite and Alicia had to talk me out of trying on every African wax print fabric piece and hoarding all of the saris. Sorry, but I need all of the authentic ethnic garments. Even if they are tourist souvenirs. Needs.

UBC AL Trip 12
This might have been the largest section of all: the lost neck pillow assortment.
There were LOADS!

After much giggling at our awesome (and bizarro) finds, we were starved. Luckily there was a highly recommended joint right down the street. We stuffed our faces at McCutchen's Magnolia House before leaving the state.

UBC AL Trip 19
Pre-feast and food baby.

The historic home in which the restaurant is located is beautiful and exemplifies everything you expect from a classic Southern home. So of course, we couldn't resist more photo ops.

UBC AL Trip 16

Our last pit stop before heading back to the A was a little fruit stand we spotted on the side of the road. It was a hot summer day and we could see the watermelons from almost a mile away. Even post-feast we needed some produce and preserves.

UBC AL Trip 5

UBC AL Trip 6

UBC AL Trip 7
I came home with a full tummy and a bag of assorted goodies. Stay tuned for the details of my haul and more in-depth outfit shots before the weekend.

And...Check out Alicia's blog for her take on our adventures!

(photos 12 + 13 courtesy of Alicia)


  1. Did you score any goodies from the center? I've heard that place is maaaassssssive!

  2. My sister just moved to SF with her fiance, so there's a good chance we will get to hang when I finally go out there to visit!

  3. So, was it worth the trip?  It's a cool idea for a store. heh
    I popped over to Alicia's blog and saw the pictures of you in front of that abandoned building.  You'll be seeing that building again soon. ;D

  4. sounds like fun! wow i would never leave my baggage unclaimed if those kate spade babies were in there!!


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