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Wednesday, July 13

Moved In, Tied Down

Hello! See, it wasn't so long... I didn't convince you to let me stay up that late, right? The magic switch was finally flipped today, and I finally gained access to the web at the new place.

It's really idyllic here, and I think the surroundings are just perfect for showcasing anything from rusting cars to kittens to everyday outfits. (Okay, so only two out of the three were really spotted. No way would I want to live in a weird abandoned car lot.)

July 12, 2011 1

July 12, 2011 2
Today was jam-packed with activities, as usual. I went from working a major sale at work to school to meet and greet new students to my program. So requirements ranged from comfortable, cool, and cute to conservative, modest, and mature. Ultimately I ended up in all neutrals, but I think my new little bag added a bit of fun!

July 12, 2011 3
That sale I was blathering on about? I finally had a spare hour to make my way to the local Kate Spade outpost. I was armed with a 20% off coupon I had finagled from completing an online survey and wanted to try on a few of the dresses I was drooling over. Of course, I was completely absorbed by this little darling instead. It was on secret double rainbow sale, and I've been carrying it every day since.

July 12, 2011 4

July 12, 2011 5
So glad to be moved! Moving annually is not my favorite.

Outfit details:


  1. Love the neutrals, Jinah! And yea for having your moving done! (Cath and I have moved about 7 or 8 times in the last 6 years - we feel your pain!). I'm sorry I missed you at the SB sale - sooo good!
    p.s. That bag is perfect!!!

  2. I happened to stop by my local store this weekend and they were doing 50% off sale items! Oh man, if they had the other color, I'd have gotten two of the same belt.

  3. Anjali, I'll be honest, you're the inspiration for my Kate Spade infatuation! I think the Pocomo would get along very well with all of your wardrobe...

  4. I wore my TOMS through most of my Europe trip--so pretty comfortable for the height! They do take some breaking in and I think my tolerance for foot/shoe pain is higher than other people's since I work on my feet.

  5. Oh, I love the Tied Down Dress on you!  Especially with the brown accents.  I bought it in coral a while ago and now you're making me regret not getting the navy version. 

    BTW, how are the TOMS?  I really like that color, its neutral and will go with a lot. 

    Complex Cardigans

  6. Love your pretty dress and neutral accents.  I love your belt so now you have enabled me to head to the store & buy it on sale!  That bag is too cute!

  7. Jinah, you look adorbs, as usual!  Congrats on your new place! (And I have seriously been eyeing that bag're making me want it more now ;))

  8. Love your outfit - so effortless and chic! I actually just scored that same bag after pining it for so long. KS is still having their 25% off sale, which doesn't sound nearly as cool as a double rainbow sale but at least it enabled me to get the Pocomo. :)

  9. I love the bag so much on you, Jinah!  I'm a big neutral fan myself with interesting accents whether it be color, details, or a camera bag.  


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