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Friday, July 29

OOTD, Road Trip Edition

UBC AL Trip 2
I think Alicia's direction for these was, "Okay, now ham it up!"

Right. No, actually she pretty much said the opposite. I'm like a wiggly puppy when someone else is trying to take my photo. I never sit still long enough for anyone to get a shot in. Despite my animated posing for action shots, she managed.

This was a random rock face by the side of the road right outside of Summerville. (Isn't Summerville the cutest name for a Southern town? We kept seeing the road markers counting down the miles to the town and couldn't help but squeal in glee as we approached!)

UBC AL Trip 3
I chose the lightest and most Southern fried dress I could rustle up for the trip. I'm usually monstrously uncomfortable on car rides and comfort was key for exploring the unknown. As sweatpants would have likely contributed to heat stroke, a prim little frock was the perfect outfit.

UBC AL Trip 1
Have a great weekend, y'all!
Outfit details:
(photos courtesy of Alicia)

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