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Thursday, July 15

Anthro Reviews: Fall Edition

So I had been avoiding the mall like the plague, desperately trying to succeed in clearing my closet of new and unworn items. But sometimes quitting shopping cold turkey isn't the answer. So I let myself sneak into my favorite store this week and try on the top three things on my wishlist for fall.

I didn't blow my wad and take any of them home, but I definitely have exactly what I want picked out for future purchases. I mean, if/when-ever I finish sorting through things I already own.

Sugar & Cream Dress, $158

I loved the ruched panel on the back!

Basically it's totally awesome!

 I pondered this dress for a bit while all my favorite ladies raved about it. I wasn't sure if the print was too wacky or if the color would work, but it's pretty perfect all around. The fit is very similar (but not exactly like) the Botanical Stroll dress. The bodice is constructed beautifully and all the seams hugged in all of the right places. It even downplayed my armpit chub that has been slowly expanding.

Although it is silk and not a washable material like cotton, I could see this dress easily slipping into my wardrobe. I think it would be perfect as is for daytime strolls and movie dates, two of my favorite activities.

Time Gone By Dress, $128
Take one.

Take two.

I actually tried this on earlier in June right when it arrived into stores. Like, I literally ran to the rack as it emerged from the stockroom when I spotted it. The first try was kind of lackluster. With all of the buzz surrounding it, I felt let down that it wasn't a flowy chiffon. I grabbed a 0 (I'm usually a 0 or 2 depending on the fit and style of dresses at Anthro) the first time around and wasn't impressed. The sleeves were really cute, I loved the black piping, the bust looked great, but it didn't skim my hips the way I wanted it to.

In fact, you can't really tell in the photograph, but the part under my belt is snug around my bottom half. I never thought of myself as pear-shaped, but this dress morphed my body into that silhouette. I wasn't interested in having people ask when I was "due" so I passed the first time.

The second try I grabbed a size 2 instead hoping the bigger size would improve the fit. This time I was a much happier camper and all of a sudden I desperately need this in my closet. The original details that tugged at my heart (and purse) strings spoke to me--the 40's styling and Hollywood feel all came rushing back to me.

Clinton Trench, $188

Zipped and tied

The back pleat

Everything about this jacket called out to me from the moment I saw it. I am all about jackets and boots in the cooler months, and when I saw this trench I said to myself, "Mine mine mine mine mine!!" I think it would be a perfect signature piece for this upcoming season, and knowing the weather here in Atlanta, I can wear it October through March.

It looks great open or closed and the back view is awesome! I'm going to have to move out some jackets to pick this little lady up, but I think it will be well worth it.

Surprisingly this concludes my fall Anthropologie wishlist, but come September I might be eating my words.


  1. You need all of these items. Immediately. That is all.

    (Okay not quite do you look so fanflippingtastic in everything Jinah?? :) And that jacket looks like it was *made* for you. )

  2. You must have an iron will if that is all that is on your fall wishlist so far. I've got way too many things I've been oogling!

    The Clinton Trench looks fantastic on you - hope you get it!

  3. I'm a bit envious of how short your wishlist is! I really need to pair mine down.

  4. I love the Clinton Trench as well. I've been looking for a classic tan trench for a long time though so it's a higher priority than the green, ruffle one. If Anthro had it in tan, I would probably get it though!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  5. what a difference sizing up made! i assumed you'd lost a ridiculous amount of weight since june, b/c you look so tiny in the second picture. i'm not a fan of that dress (the wrinkles will drive me crazy), but seeing it on you makes me want it. the other two are lovely, too. great WL so far ... :)

  6. Love the trench coat! It really makes an outfit pop. I'm going to run out to Anthro tomorrow to try in on...crossing my fingers in hopes that I can find my gift card I received months ago :)

    Natasha xoxo

  7. Love that jacket! Anthro clothes were made for you!


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